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And So It Goes On

“The evening opened with Marina Collard’s And So It Goes On, a beautifully thought out dance that combined live performance and film. Collard danced in relation to her filmed image, projected onto the brick wall at the back of the stage, in a work full of subtle reflections and repetitions. Elegant, intense, yet restrained, the vertical focus of the live dance on the flat floor in front gained an added dimension from the video beside it, not only because there seemed to be a second dancer moving in a different plane, but also because the feeling of a raked stage at a different angle behind "


Oxford Playhouse 2015 – review by Maggie Watson 

Marina Collard with film by Kate Johnson and sound by Tom Paine.
Marina’s solo oscillates on a delicate edge, treading between an unrelenting drive to find a purpose beyond herself, and a surrendering to the inevitable cycle of repetitions and reconfigurations that exist in our nature.
Performed at Le Relais, Centre for arts practice, France.

photos: Rachel Cherry 

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