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live performance with text and audio recording

RUFA - 16.3.2022

Descent exists on a stair well; any stair well that allows people to follow, pass, notice or ignore the audio bouncing around the walls of the corridors and stairs. The text is deconstructed and reformed, making an audio which is preoccupied with interruptions, broken narratives, disrupted meaning and the potential for new associations to be formed. The audio construction, further deconstructed onto paper, interrupts the interrupted. New rhythms and associations can be made, but there is an inevitable element of failure to communicate or to be understood, and as the work progresses, the desperate descent becomes poignant. 

PHOTO-2022-03-16-21-34-40 2.jpg
PHOTO-2022-03-16-21-34-38 2.jpg
PHOTO-2022-03-16-13-37-34 2.jpg
PHOTO-2022-03-16-13-37-35 2.jpg
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