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Encounters and Arrangements


Encounters is a site responsive project based in Villa Torlonia, Rome, taking place over the period of 2 months. The park walls act as a container within which I walk, sit, witness and at times interact with the location, people and dogs. Captured in the present moment, or as memories or fantasies, the interactions, observations and associations were collected with the use of photography, video and writing reflecting the character of the location, the passing time, recreation and lives brought to the outdoors. 


3 examples of short pieces of writing based on observation and fantasies


The dog and the mask. 

The sun is warming and the sky brilliant blue. The park is busy with people and dogs. People are on their own or having intense conversations or chatting about their next meal. Larger groups cluster and ramble at a slow pace while joggers seem to bypass them at speed. People with their dogs.... one dog ran through the gates of La Serra Moresca, the panicked owner calling and chasing. One man dropped his mask. When I stopped to tell him, he said he was delighted ‘cos it was one of the expensive ones.

Discarded jackets

It's sunny and the park is full of people. I felt like a witness rather than a participant and I looked for quiet corners. Walking in areas I don't usually go to, I came across discarded jackets, remnants from food and drink consumption. It was maybe a murder scene or a place where teenagers hang out, hidden, fumbling and passing time. Whatever it was, I was witness to the left- overs.


While searching for things on the ground, an elderly man came over to me and said something about pigs. I looked up and he told me he was from Abruzzo and continued to tell me about pigs and the people collecting food to take back for their pigs.
He repeated these depictions of people foraging for their livestock with pride and intensity.

Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 20.34.56.jpeg

4 examples of the video loops 


Slow trees

Rocks falling 

with Michael DiRosa


Located in Villa Torlonia, Arrangements developed from an exploration into making work outdoors with particular attention to land art and walking practices. 

Walking, observation, noticing, repetition, capturing images and photographs, videos, registering impressions, making notes, all led to piecing together a collection of elements over the period of 2 months.

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