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MIDLIFE: painting, performance and paraphernalia 


ESTHIA, Casa Internazionale delle Donne 




For an evening, MIDLIFE occupies ESTHIA bringing together different media in dialogue with elements already belonging to the space. The work, the objects, made and accumulated over time, find their place, treading a line between aspects of the everyday in contrast with the formalities of a public exhibition. They bridge and juxtapose contexts and content in diffuse but coherent ways, and point to conversations between disciplines. 


There is a collision of aesthetics which is unapologetic and a continuing preoccupation with movement and physicality, reflecting aspects of the human condition within the fragile and complex landscape of our natural and human-made world. Even the kitsch, which plays on the resistance to good taste, finds its place, a light touch disruption to the hierarchy of value. 


The fragmentation of narratives, the play with aspects of the familiar, imagining connections, is part of a resistance to making meaning explicit, obstructing too obvious interpretations. The desire to keep things open-ended is an invitation to resonate with what is on offer, creating space for associations. 


MIDLIFE takes a warm and humorous approach to the juxtaposition of elements, aestheticized and paradoxically explored,reframing the ordinariness of everyday life, rendering the unspectacular visible. 


Marina performs Skirting around the edges intermittently throughout the evening. 

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