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On disturbance, instability and being here 

a research project undertaken with MA Performance Practice (Dance) students at Ambedkar University Delhi, India. Three weeks of investigating practice led to a studio performance integrating video projections and live performance concerned with the displacement of the horizontality and verticality of the image and the live body. Two free standing screens were moved by the dancers as a way of disrupting the continuity of the space and to affect the scale of the image. The work is concerned with location and perspective. Where we find ourselves and how we position ourselves in relation to an unstable environment both politically and emotionally is addressed, considered and abstracted.


Continuing interest in shifting horizons, series of time images, discontinuity and becoming vertical through a commitment to reorientation and redefining our ground. Considering atmosphere as dynamic distribution of feeling, a transition of affect, discrete things that unsettle and surprise thinking, occasions of experience.


The act of becoming vertical, perspective as distance, speed, duration and slowness, orientation of the horizontal and the vertical.


Sound: Paul Newland
Video: Marina Collard
Performers: Deepali, Willa Faulkner, Becky Horne, Tina Krasevec, Srijaa Kundu, Marlen Pflugher, Carolyn Roy.

10' single screen video. 


Research continued over the summer 2019 with The Container movement collective. 
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