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What this is, is...
photos: Rachel Cherry 
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draws together sound, light, live performers, still images and video footage in a curated, choreographed event. Contributions form the artists involved are organised around a large cube constructed to absorb the elements and provide a space for the individual disciplines to sit and jostle beside each other. The four sides, made from latex rubber screens, oscillate between solidity and liquidity of surface, transparency and luminosity, structure and image. The shift between surface, image, pulling out far, drawing in close, getting lost in immersive images all work together to address aspects of visibility and perspectives. 


Marina Collard and composer Paul Newland navigate this structure alongside lighting designer Michael Mannion, filmmakers Tom Paine and Tony Wadham and performers Tina Krasevec and Rahel Vonmoss. 


This work has been made possible with the support of editor and Qlab programmer Berta Pibernat Trias, Arts Council England, Laban Theatre, LaTraversee Residency @ Le Relais in France, Roehampton University and The Guildhall School of Music. 


@TrinityLaban presented thought-provoking What This Is, Is... a new work by choreographer @marinacollard at #Laban theatre tonight. It was part art installation, part dance piece and part existential inquiry - and it added up to an extraordinary achievement. Bravo!


video by Tony Wadham 

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