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Reflections, Loops and Cycles

working through ideas for the first summer of the container movement 2018

Friday 7th September

Last day in the studio with Becky Horne and Chris Spraggs

Space between 2 points. Brilliant day. Thank you

Thursday 8th September


greater trochanter and outside of the ankle – coming back to locating physical anchor spaces of absorption and weight – spaces in ankles and hips for absorption of weight

how this reflects in the body – the legs of the chest.

direction/orientation of sensation from one landmark to another is different to both landmarks switching on at the same time

loops as landmarks – noticing the rhythms that occur as loops

touch shared/common space – offered up some potential understanding of what reflections might be.

touch 2 places and work with the spaces in between

death to the onion – necessarily

drawing and emptiness

mourning the loss of Tuesday – something landed. all explorations palpable and available at the same time.

multiplicities – finding and landing in and out of previous events

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