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Corner Piece

looks at the printmaking processes a site for social and conceptual explorations, addressing questions of access, excess and democratic distribution. It is made up of distinctive elements of printed material which covers the surface of recognisable domestic items. These items are: the wallpaper made from screen-prints, the chair and the glass covered in printed fabric and the dress made of printed fabric. The work hints at the domestic space without aiming towards the conventions of comfort. 

Corner Piece plays with contradiction in its inclusion of soft furnishings while the whole set-up has an intensity which is to a degree unrestful. In part obsessive, the elements of repetition, rhythm and pattern form the dynamics in the work. The layers and elements as an accumulated mass create a visual whole but on closer observation, the layers of detail exist. 


The ‘problematic’ surfaces which present themselves as unstable materials for printing reveal the touch, the hand, the activity of the making process. The dress, created from fabric on which the ink never stabilises, hung against the backdrop of the wallpaper, was worn in Looking for the Exit, a three-day durational performance occupying two adjacent spaces. While being worn,  the chair were marked as the ink contaminated the surface of the two plastic chairs. 

This reconfiguration of existing items and transfer of written material is part of these two works. Notes made in the performance are used to make the template for The wallpaper. In this way performance and printmaking became part of a combined project which explored various contemporary themes and preoccupations.

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