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It is Now

Site, Space and Place

Installation with Guttering, Photo Curtain and Stare-well. These works are made of fragments of images, video and narratives belonging to both London and Rome. Stare-well plays with recognisable, famous stairs and narratives against my own video footage of stairs from the two cities. The footage is edited to create a continuum and sense of infinity and disorientation which is disrupted and interrupted by the ups and downs of the film narratives. These works are placed within the characterful site of the Atelier, the aesthetic of the stripped back walls along with the plants belonging to the space make for a textured and organic environment for the works.

Exhibition curated by Anja Foerschner

Atelier, Roma 




23 suspended ceramic pieces
clay, lemon juice, vinegar and string. 200cm x 120cm


6’ video on a loop, 2 screens

https: //vimeo. com/838712789

Photo Curtain 

photos of Rome and London, string, broom handles

300cm x 120cm


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