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Objects, bodies and digital media are placed as materials within the context of a studio practice and environment. Working with fragments of activity in blocks of framed scores, the performers, navigate the parameters of the work as it evolves.  

studio performance - 2hrs 

Trinity Laban, London


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Performers: Freya Ball, Marcello Berry, Ella Blake, Mali Borja, Catherine Brennan, Celia Cheung, Ed Cook, Grace Delstanche, Thea Friend, Libby Garlick, Killian Gormley, Molly Grainger, Chelsea Greenfield, Evie Hagan, Erin Hamilton, Amber Heatrick, Tegan Kocker, Mya Koropecki-Nichols, Manou Leentjes, Talia Mercer, Tamara Minovic, Olahna Morrell, Neve Noonan, Lucia Pierlot, Lucy Smith, Bobbi Walker. 


special thanks to Zjana Muraro for support in editing sound and video.

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