Being here, overlapped and overlaid


with Becky Horne, Tina Krasevec, Sean Murray and Chris Spraggs

thank you: Fay Patterson and Brian Brady 


Dream Clean - Clean Dream 

a video/performance project by Area 7073: Henrietta Hale and Marina Collard

New artistic research by Henrietta Hale and Marina Collard looking at cleaning as an idealogy, a choreography, an environmental concern, something to hide, a banality, an edgy political debate, a perversion, an illusion..............

Getting On with Getting On

Except of a duet originally created for Sean Murray and Christopher Spraggs. Performed at Abearance festival Southwark 2017

The Body In And As Space

Part of the LIMEN festival, a TripSpace Projects commission in collaboration with the Hayward Gallery

Marina Collard in collaboration with dance artist Kate Johnson and 17 dancers.