The Variety Show

devised during a masterclass with Lyndsey Passenger

A re-enactmetn of :

Terror in the Sky (1971)

RUFA Space - 28.04.2022


live performance with text audio recording

RUFA - 16.3.2022

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Descent exists on a stair well; any stair well that allows people to follow, pass, notice or ignore the audio bouncing around the walls of the corridors and stairs. The text is deconstructed and reformed, making an audio which is preoccupied with interruptions, broken narratives, disrupted meaning and the potential for new associations to be formed. The audio construction, further deconstructed onto paper, interrupts the interrupted. New rhythms and associations can be made, but there is an inevitable element of failure to communicate or to be understood, and as the work progresses, the desperate descent becomes poignant. 

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 Chasing squirrels

Chasing squirrels looks at aspects of necessity, compulsion and an unerring need for doing things over and over. The repetition is discomforting, almost to the point of making the audience feel sick. The intensity of purpose, confused and disorientated, exists in both domestic and public spaces. The work is on the edge, displaying obsessions and confusions present in our psyche, outwardly expressed through repetition. Chasing Squirrels also draws attention to surveillance culture, and to what is appropriate and inappropriate  in a world in which societal expectations may be seen as narrowing.

Chasing Squirrels is a multiscreen video installation with live performance and text. 

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A series of works including performance ceramics and text. 


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A multimedia installation bringing together a collection of observations located within the walls of Villa Torlonia, Rome throughout January and February 2022. 

Nothing to see here 

Nothing to see here 

work in progress at RUFA - 24. 11. 2021

video - Zack Martin 

In Nothing to see here, the home is exposed as a place of discomfort and un-settledness, considering it as a structure containing narratives which are not often displayed. A depiction of the life behind closed doors, Nothing to see here renders visible the patterns of our existence, unrelenting, repeated and retraced to the point of no escape. The pattern of events shift from ordinary to unfortunate. The unspecified place, the ‘here’ but not knowing where, and the Nothing to see ‘here’, point to the possibility of an everchanging location whilst our internal mapping follows and stays with us wherever we go. The events behind closed doors, unseen and not for public consumption are ‘here’, a reflection of our own internal worlds. The performer bumps up against her life, finding herself facing the same realities again and again until there is nowhere else to go.

Rome (feat. Sir A. Strauss)

This video is a series of observations captured on 30.10.2021. The events, ordinary and insignificant, are caught, at times purposefully and at others accidentally, over the period of a two hour walk and a coffee break. The choreographic approach to the edit, reveals the decision making and particular aestheticising of the things which often go unnoticed, placing the environments, locations, objects, people and animals as performers in the context of life in Rome. The sound adds tension and a sense of anticipation for something which never happens. The disappointment of everyday life is rendered and made available warmly and humorously. 


Being here, overlapped and overlaid

video installation with Becky Horne, Tina Krasevec, Sean Murray and Chris Spraggs

thank you: Fay Patterson and Brian Brady 

Dream Clean - Clean Dream 

a video/performance project by Area 7073: Henrietta Hale and Marina Collard

New artistic research by Henrietta Hale and Marina Collard looking at cleaning as an idealogy, a choreography, an environmental concern, something to hide, a banality, an edgy political debate, a perversion, an illusion..............