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Nothing to see here 

RUFA  24. 11. 2021      video: Zack Martin 

In Nothing to see here, the home is exposed as a place of discomfort and un-settledness, considering it as a structure containing narratives which are not often displayed. A depiction of the life behind closed doors, Nothing to see here renders visible the patterns of our existence, unrelenting, repeated and retraced to the point of no escape. The pattern of events shift from ordinary to unfortunate. The unspecified place, the ‘here’ but not knowing where, and the Nothing to see ‘here’, point to the possibility of an everchanging location whilst our internal mapping follows and stays with us wherever we go. The events behind closed doors, unseen and not for public consumption are ‘here’, a reflection of our own internal worlds. The performer bumps up against her life, finding herself facing the same realities again and again until there is nowhere else to go.

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